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Partner Celebrating A Big "0" Birthday? 4 Tips To Help You Plan The Perfect Destination Party

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If your partner is looking at a milestone birthday – one that ends in a zero – it's time to bring the big-guns out. You don't want to plan the same-old party that you plan every year. Instead, think outside the box. In fact, think outside the state. For your partner's next birthday, plan a destination party, complete with all the bells and whistles. Here are four suggestions that will help you plan a destination birthday party that your partner – and your friends – will be talking about for years.

Choose the Location

When planning the perfect destination party, the first thing you need to do is choose the actual destination. Choosing the destination first will allow you to gear the rest of your plans around the location. When making your final decision about the destination, don't forget to take weather conditions into consideration. You don't want to plan a tropical destination party in the middle of monsoon season.

Gather the Team

You can't plan a destination party by yourself. That's where the team comes in. Even if you don't want to hire a professional party planner, you're still going to need a team that will help pick up some of the slack. When choosing your team members, it's important to consider those who might live in the city you've chosen for your destination. Having someone in place that knows the location will help you get your plans in motion.

Bring on the Gift Bags

While the party is all about your partner, you can't forget your guests. They're the ones who'll be reworking their schedules to share in the celebration. To thank them for joining you, be sure to create the perfect gift bags. Take the time to really plan them out. Make sure that your choices match the destination. For instance, if you've chosen a tropical beach, add flip flops and high-end sunglasses to the bag. Your guests will appreciate the extra effort you take to make their gift bags unique.

Add a Surprise

You want to make sure that your partner remembers this destination party for a long time. That's where the special surprise comes in. When planning the party, make sure you invite one special person to honor your loved one. Perhaps a friend from high school that they haven't been able to connect with or a family member that they haven't been able to see. Keep your party guest a surprise until all the other guests have gathered.

If your partner is going to be celebrating a big "0" birthday, be sure you make the party memorable. The information provided here will help you plan the perfect destination party. 

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