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3 Things To Know About Attending A Cirque Show

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Getting to attend a show under the big top is becoming a rare experience. If you have an opportunity to take in a cirque show, you should take care of this opportunity. A cirque show is a live show that is not like any other that you will encounter and is a unique experience.

Tip #1: Consider Transportation

When it comes to attending a cirque, be sure to investigate your transportation options. If possible, see if there is any public transportation that you can take to the event. Public transportation is an affordable way to get to the cirque and can save you from the stress of filing into a parking lot with thousands of people, walking to the tents, and then dealing with all the traffic when it is time to leave.

If you do decide to drive, find out the cost of event parking beforehand. Having the cash to pay for the event parking will make paying for parking faster, although most event parking will accept card payments as well.

Tip #2: Limit What You Bring with You

Like most large public events, you are going to have to go through security, and there will be restrictions on what you can bring in with you. Generally, you cannot bring large bags or backpacks into the venue. Check and see what types of bags and what you are allowed to bring in your bag before you arrive at the event, so you don't have to throw things away or truck back out to your vehicle to empty the contents of your backpack.

Tip #3: Get There Early

At most cirque events, you can't enter until about 45 minutes before the show. Get there a little before the gates open. Getting there early will give you time to snap some fun pictures outside of the tent and will allow you time to get inside and grab whatever you want from the concession stands before you find your seats and enjoy the show. You can even take in the gift shop and grab a souvenir before the shop starts.

Getting there early will allow you to take in the environment and be in your seats ready to go when the show starts.

If you have the chance see a cirque show, consider taking public transportation to the event to save on parking and to help reduce vehicle congestion around the vent. Limit what you bring in with you and get there early to take in the setting and get all your shopping and food buying out of the way before the show begins. Finally, be sure to enjoy the unique entertainment experience in front of you.

To learn more about entertainment options, such as a holiday cirque show, reach out to a local entertainment company.