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Benefits Of Sending A Singing Telegram To Someone's Workplace

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If you have a friend who is celebrating a special occasion such as a birthday and you want to send a greeting in an unexpected way, one option to consider is booking a singing telegram. Upon doing so, a performer will visit the person to sing them a song that you've specified. You'll need to decide where the performer will meet your friend. There might be several potential locations to consider, but you should give some serious thought to having the performer visit the person's workplace. Here are some reasons that a workplace singing telegram is a good idea.

Creates Cheer For Everyone

When the performer arrives at your friend's workplace, there's a good chance that your friend's colleagues will gather around and watch the short performance. This will result in smiles on the faces of everyone in attendance, which means that you're brightening a lot of peoples' workdays. While it might be tempting to send the performer to visit the person at home, doing so results in a performance for just the person or perhaps their family members. You might like the idea of a large group of people getting to see the performance, and the best spot for this is often at work.

Alerts People To The Occasion

If your friend hasn't told their colleagues that it's their birthday, most people might not be aware of the occasion. It can be a bit discouraging to spend the day at work with no one wishing you a happy birthday. Once the singing telegram performer arrives, there will be little doubt that your friend is celebrating a birthday. This will mean that a lot of their colleagues will stop by to share their best wishes, and some people may even invite your friend out for dinner or drinks after work as a result.

It Will Be Unexpected

It's fun to surprise your friend with a singing telegram, and doing so at work can often offer the biggest surprise. When the performer arrives and speaks to the receptionist, they can make a plan to sneak up on your friend to deliver the performance. In a busy office, your friend won't likely be remotely aware of the performer's presence — especially if they're busy working — until the song begins. This wouldn't necessarily be the case at home, as the friend would see the performer standing on their front porch before opening the door and likely realize what is about to happen. Look online to find a singing telegram performer in your area, such as those from Baconbitz Parties.