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Are You Deliberating Launching a Media Podcast? Read This!

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Media consumption in years past was limited to three main options — print, television, and radio. The advent of the internet, though, has drastically changed how people consume their media as there are more options such as streaming, social media, and recently, podcasts. Podcasts have steadily become a top option for many people and this is because of several factors. Firstly, podcast apps are quite small in size and can be downloaded onto virtually any internet-enabled device.

Secondly, podcasts offer a multitude of topics so a listener is guaranteed of finding something that will pique their interest. Not to mention that since podcasts can range in duration from several minutes to over an hour, they can be consumed at any time whether driving, taking a shower, or even winding down at bedtime. However, venturing into this space can be intimidating, more so if you do not know where to start. If you are looking to capitalize on the booming business of media podcasts, here are a few things to take note of.

Which Types of Equipment Do You Need to Record Your First Episode?

One of the biggest presumptions made by podcasting newbies is thinking they need an entire studio of equipment to create a quality episode. The reality of the matter is you can get away with simply having an audio recording device, such as your smartphone, and audio editing software.

Certainly, you can tell the difference between podcasts that are recorded in fully equipped studios. Nonetheless, as long as you take measures to ensure your voice can be heard clearly and without distortion in the recording, you can start a media podcast series immediately. With time, you can invest in studio equipment that will improve the sound quality and overall experience for the listener.

What Measures Can You Take to Grow Your Audience?

Unlike social media whereby you can choose to utilize your platform as an online journal of your thoughts and experiences without excepting people to view your posts and stories, the main aim of a podcast is to reach out to people that would want to listen to your episodes. As such, you could be overwhelmed by the thought of building a subscription base that will validate the content of your show.

The first thing you can do is request listeners to subscribe and rate your show. The higher your analytics, the better the chances that your podcast will be highlighted on your chosen platform, and this will introduce it to more and more people. Moreover, you may want to build a social media presence. By garnering a following on social media apps and interacting with your followers, you have a more active page, and there is a greater likelihood of algorithms pushing more traffic your way (and resultantly, your media podcast).

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