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3 Ways To Use Aerialists At Your Next Event

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The beauty and intrigue of aerial performers can't be denied. Aerialists were once thought of as circus acts, but modern interpretations of aerial performance have brought this unique art into mainstream entertainment.

If you are planning a major event, you may want to consider hiring aerialists to help entertain your guests. There are a variety of ways that you can utilize an aerial artist at your event.

Here are three possible situations where an aerialist will thrive during your event.

1. Main Entertainment

Some events call for an in-depth performance that can serve as the main entertainment for guests. Aerial artists are capable of choreographic performances lasting from several minutes to over an hour.

These performances typically include several forms of aerial movement, including movements using hoops, rings, and silks.

You should always plan on booking multiple artists if you intend to use aerialists as the main entertainment for your event. Having several artists gives the aerialists the ability to take turns in the spotlight in order to extend their performance time.

2. Ambiance Entertainment

It may not make sense to bring all of your event guests together for one large entertainment performance. Instead, you may want to utilize aerialists as ambiance entertainment throughout your event.

Ambiance aerialists are particularly beneficial during events that include a lot of networking and socializing time.

You can hire a few different aerial performers to engage in acrobatic maneuvers at various stations throughout your event space. These performances typically aren't choreographed to music and are intended to provide background entertainment for your guests.

3. Aerial Bartenders

Will you be serving alcohol at your event? If so, you will need an experienced bartender to mix drinks for your guests. An emerging trend in the aerial arts is aerial bartending.

Instead of having a traditional bartender stand behind the bar and pour drinks, you can have your guests' drinks prepared by an aerial artist suspended in the air.

An aerial bartender completes a series of complex movements, typically using silks as a medium. Each guest will receive a mini performance along with their drink when you choose to use an aerial bartender at your next event.

If you are looking for something unique to offer the people who attend your next event, consider an aerial artist by contacting a company such as All Wheel Sports Productions. Aerialists can fill a wide range of niches at your event. Your guests are sure to leave with memories that will last a lifetime when you include aerialists in your event.