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Why You Should Hire A Funeral Bagpiper Instead Of Playing Recorded Music

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Music is a powerful addition to virtually every funeral, providing an emotional soundtrack to an event that should ideally bring closure to those who attend. While a lot of people use recorded music at funerals, another option is to hire a live performer. When you think about the types of music that can be fitting for this solemn occasion, bagpipe music will likely come to mind. You can look online to find a local bagpiper who has experience playing at funerals and contact them to discuss how they can augment the service you're organizing. Here are some reasons to use a funeral bagpiper instead of recorded music.

Visual Impact 

Recorded bagpipe music can have an auditory emotional impact on the guests at the funeral, but it won't offer any visual impact. When you hire an actual bagpiper to perform, part of the value that they provide is how they look. This musician will dress in a formal bagpiper outfit, which has a timeless and special look to it. The visual of having a bagpiper stand on the steps of a church or even at the cemetery as you lay your loved one to rest can stick with your family and the assembled guests for a long time.

Appropriate Volume

Bagpipe music often varies in volume, with quieter points and crescendos being part of most tunes. A live bagpiper can manage these changes in volume, ensuring that they're not too loud but also not too quiet for your venue. Funeral bagpipers have experience performing in both indoor and outdoor spaces, so regardless of where the funeral is taking place, you can count on the performance having an appropriate volume. Volume management can be a challenge with recorded music. If you test the music and it seems too quiet, you might turn the volume up—only for a crescendo in the song to seem far too loud.


A lot of families choose to hire bagpipers to perform at their loved ones' funerals as a sign of respect. Making the effort of having a live performer, rather than just using a CD or MP3 file, can show that you want this event to be special and to honor the departed family member in the best way possible. There's something very special about having a live music performance, and your gathered guests will often feel that you've done a good job of honoring your late loved one.

Contact a local funeral bagpiper to learn more.